Touch - Matthew 8:1-4

This encounter with Jesus also appears in Mark 1 and Luke 5.  Jesus could have healed this man from a distance.  He could have healed this man with a Word.  He could have even chosen to not heal him.  So, His Compassion comes through in double.  First, the healing of God is always an act of His Compassion for His Creation.  Second, Jesus showed ultimate Compassion by touching this man.  Who knows how long it had been since he had been touched by another human.  He had been exiled to a leper colony and had been made the yell 'unclean' as people went by...this was not a good situation.  Yet, Jesus shows the heart of God when He reaches out past all the messiness to touch him.  He also reached out past all the 'protective laws' of the Old Testament.  Why did He do that?  For the same reason He could freely work on the Sabbath.  He is Lord of days and He is Lord of His Creation.  The touch of Jesus communicates great care.  Have you been touched by His Grace?  Have you been set free from the unclean power of sin and empowered as a New Creation in Christ?

Do we withhold our touches when things seem to messy?  How can we show greater Compassion in our encounters today and everyday?