Authority - Matthew 8:5-13

Have you ever wondered what it would take to astonish God.  Well, considering He is omniscient and sovereign, I don't guess it will happen.  However, the Roman Officer causes Jesus to be amazed and to marvel.  Why?  Two reasons:  

#1 - He understood that Jesus had spiritual authority.  This is a BIG deal.  Many people come to Jesus for a miracle because nothing else has worked.  This man came to Jesus because he knew that Jesus was the man in charge.  Wow.  Who has authority in your life?  In Your home?  

#2 - He placed His faith in Jesus to do the impossible.  Because of his trust in the authority of Jesus he was able to place his faith in our Savior to do something amazing.  Do you trust Jesus to act out of His authority or out of your request?  Do you trust Jesus to act in areas where you cannot see Him working?  The very definition of faith would be trusting in something you do not see.  Is your spiritual walk with God one of faith or doubt?