Storms - Matthew 8:23-27

Weather storms happen outside of our control. Stormy seasons of life happen whether we want them to or not as well.  Jesus did not assure us a storm-free life but He does promise to 'never leave us or forsake us' so He will be 'with us as the storms come'.  The disciples were full of anxiety.  They expected to perish in the storm.  Jesus had just performed miracle after miracle and now He lay asleep in the boat with them.  

Shouldn't their faith have been stronger by now?  Shouldn't they have thought 'well, He did just heal a ton of people so surely He can take care of this?'  Likewise, shouldn't our faith in God be strong because of what we have seen Him do in our lives and in His Word?

Jesus brought remedy after He was asked to 'do something'.  He rebuked their lack of faith not because they asked Him to save them...but because they spoke out their fears with these words 'we are going to drown'.  If we trust Jesus to save us then we need to trust Him to protect us during the storm.  If we trust Jesus to save us then our spoken words should match our inner faith.