Waiting - Malachi 3 & 4

400 Years of Quiet - What happened between Malachi's prophecy (around 430BC) to the time of Jesus?  God's chosen people are ruled and handled by the Persians, then the Greeks and finally the Romans.  The temple is destroyed and then partially rebuilt.  The legacy of Judges and Kings has not left Israel in a good position.  However, the old adage fits that 'good things do come to those who wait'.  Many people waited for God to fulfill the many 'Messianic Prophecies'.  Many people remained hopeful for the coming King of Kings.  Ready Malachi 3 & 4.  You will hear the themes of judgment, repentance and mercy.  Today, you and I wait on The Lord as well.  We wait to see Him provide in our life.  We wait to see Him come again.  We wait to see the promise of eternal life with God.  We wait to see others turn to The Lord as we pray for them and witness to them.  What are you waiting for?  Waiting isn't always a bad thing.  We can grow more patient, more trusting and less stressed when we choose to 'wait well'.