Relative - John 18:33 - 19:16

Truth is a reality not a relativity.  The statements that 'it's true for you' and 'your perception is your reality' are very dangerous.  When a truth becomes relative then our choices can become just as relative. Pilate, and many other leaders in scripture, made this error when deciding how to judge situations correctly. Our text today shows Pilate putting up the defenses against our Lord Jesus' challenge for him to examine the truth.  To examine the truth, a person must be willing to admit that there is such a thing.  Pilate was not.  Are you?

There are hard truths (it will hurt if you fall down) and then their are faith truth's (I believe that is true and the evidence I have supports it).  Are you washed away by every wave or idea because your foundation is not solid in the truth?  Remedy this by growing in the Word and faith in God.