King - Matthew 2

For over 1000 years God's people appointed kings to rule them in the hope of gaining freedom, peace, independence and power.  Now, at the appointed time, God sent them a King like no other.  Through this King they could gain true Freedom (Galatians 5:1), true Peace (John 14:27) and true Power (Acts 1:8). 

Prophecies fulfilled in Matt 2: Micah 5:2 - Born in Bethlehem, Hosea 11:1 - Called out of Egypt, Jeremiah 31:15 - Weeping over the loss of Children, Isaiah 11:1 - Nazarene - Branch

Within the gifts there is a powerful message of faith and prophecy:  Gold - the gift for Kingly authority.  Frankincense - a priest's tool of offering. Myrrh - a look into the future 'once for all time' sacrifice to redeem man.

Everyone wanted the King except those holding the title.  King Herod saw competition.  How often do we with-hold God's rightful place in our hearts/lives because we let competitive interests take over?  What competitive interests do you deal with and are you willing to give those over to God so that His Holy Spirit can deal with them.

These 'wise men' or 'eastern kings' sought out the long awaited King.  God did not choose to announce Jesus with grand pomp or eye-grabbing headlines.  It is still a rarity to find someone looking for Jesus the King.  When we are looking, it is through supernatural guidance just as these men had a star guiding them.  How have you been led to Jesus?  Have you begun the journey to make Him King of your life?  

Joseph was charged as the steward of Jesus.  He had to pay attention to God's Voice to know how to protect Him so that He could accomplish all of God's Will.  Similarly, we are asked to be salt & light with the gospel so that it has its full effect on the earth.  Preserving the truth of the Gospel (salt) and sharing the power of the Gospel (light) with our lives and words.  How has God charged you to steward this great gift?  How has He gifted you to share the Good News of the King of Kings?