Herald - Matthew 3

Every king had at least one messenger who would announce his coming to his subjects.  With our King Jesus - the messenger was John the Baptist.  He was prophesied to come in Malachi 3:1 and 4:5.  Not only would he announce the coming of the King but he would announce the coming of a whole new Kingdom.  It was common for a new king to change up the leadership and the laws of the land.  King Jesus was not just making general housekeeping changes.  He turned the world upside down and completely replaced a worldly kingdom with His Eternal Kingdom.  John called the people to 'prepare the Way' for the coming of Jesus.  Likewise, our daily call in following Jesus is to prepare the Way in our lives so that we can follow Him well and help in the work of expanding His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.  John's message was difficult to hear from the people who had power in the current system.  Likewise, when God's Way calls us to lay down things that we think are important it can be difficult.  

Like John, we are called to be messengers of the Kingdom and King Jesus.  I promise you that you are a messenger for something.  When someone spends 5 minutes with you they are guaranteed to get some type of message as to what you believe is important.  That is a great opportunity!  What message are you spreading with your life, attitude and words?