Following - Matthew 4:17-25

Jesus announces the Kingdom has arrived because He is the King.  Just a bit later He teaches us how to pray that God's Kingdom would come on earth as it is in Heaven.  He then begins calling disciples (those that will follow His Way)...every disciple began to follow the King under the belief that they were bringing about God's Kingdom on earth.  Here is the good news - this is also where we begin to follow Him.  Not only as 'sinners saved by grace' (although that is certainly true) but as children of Holy God and participants (even heir's) in the Kingdom.  

God called disciples then and He has called you now.  What is your answer?

God called for repentance from sin (going your way instead of His Way) then and He has called for it now.  What is your answer?

God calls for you to enter into the Kingdom Way of Life.  Will you?