Going Public - Matthew 3

Jesus would be baptized as He began His public ministry on this earth.  John had been baptizing people to show their repentance and their turn to God.  Jesus didn't need to repent but was baptized saying 'it was right because we must carry out all that God requires'.  This was the beginning of His ministry.  At the end of His public earthly ministry He also signaled the vital importance of Baptism for a follower of Jesus.  Read Matt 28:18-20 and Mark 15:15-16.  Baptism is the perfect picture of Jesus dying for us (brought down under the water) and then being raised again (rising up from the water). It is the perfect picture of you choosing to 'die to self' and be 'raised to walk in new life'.  Baptism is the first step of obedience for a person who has decided to follow Jesus.  It is how we make our decision public.  It is the fulfillment of what God requires of a person who has put their trust in the saving grace of God through His Only Son Jesus Christ.  The word baptize is actually the greek word Baptizo which literally means to 'dip' or 'immerse'.  Baptism by immersion after placing your faith in Jesus is required of the obedient follower of Jesus.  Have you 'Gone Public'?  If not, why not?  At 'The Way' baptism is a big deal because we know it signals the start of a persons 'new creation' life.  We celebrate it!  If you desire to be baptized as an outward demonstration of your faith then please talk to Chris asap!