Temptation - Matthew 3

Temptation is part of life and it is a BIG PART of the life of a follower of Jesus.  Rest assured that if Jesus was tempted that you will be as well. In these texts, we read of the Devil tempting Jesus.  Tempting Him to do what...to abandon His mission to save the souls of man...Tempting Him to take the easy way out.  Our temptations will be likewise.  We can be tempted to seek comfort and control rather than seeking God's Plan/Mission.  We can be tempted to satisfy our appetites rather than our souls.  This is the great lure of our enemy.  

Jesus resisted our enemy's temptations by leaning on the truths and promises of God's Word (notice all three temptations were refuted with quotes from memory from the book of Deuteronomy).  When you are tempted, what comes to your mind?  Scripture or something else?

Notice that Holy Spirit led/drove Jesus into the wilderness to be tempted.  This was important to His Mission...to know He could resist the enemy.  Rather than be mad at God for allowing us to be tempted can we instead thank God that He provides the strength for us to resist temptation and grow from it?