Practical Community

Yesterday we learned about Soma - The Body of Christ.  What does that look like practically?  Let's take a look at the 1st  Christian Community to get some ideas.

As Jesus gives the first 'followers of The Way' their Co-Mission, they form the first Christian Community.  Read about it in Acts 2:42-47.  This is the blue-print for The Way Community.  Notice these elements:

Devotion to The Word - The Apostles Teaching were the stories of Jesus'. Now we have those in The Bible.  This is the centerpoint and foundation of the Christian Community.  It is our primary Common Ground. 

Fellowship within The Body - They spent time together regularly.  They met in their homes.  They learned about one another and moved well beyond a 'surface' relationship.  

Sharing meals and Sharing Communion - Part of their fellowship centered around sharing Communion together (also called The Lord's Supper).  Yet, they didn't just have a cracker and juice...they also shared meals together.  They slowed down their busy lives and enjoyed one of life's necessities together. 

Prayer - They didn't just pray, they were devoted to prayer.  Prayer was a time to lay their burdens down to One able to handle them.  Prayer was a time to lift up those who had not yet responded to God's Grace given thru Jesus. 

Generosity - An important part of Community for a Christian is learning how to do more together than what you could do individually.  These folks were generous and pooled their resources together (no matter how meager) to meet the needs around them. 

Multiplication - First, you see the commitment of this group to go 'to the temple'.  This was not a place for them to go to Worship...they did that together in the home.  No, this was a place to go and share about Jesus.  They were committed to the message and the Co-Mission to share it with others.  God blessed their obedience by adding many thousands of believers to them.  Truly, we wouldn't be meeting at 1326 E. 24th St. if they hadn't seen this as important. 

Do you see these things in The Way Community?  What do we need to see more of and what part do you need to play to help that happen?  Let's 'do life together' and be the Community we are called to be in Casper (if you are reading this from somewhere other than Casper, I encourage you to seek out Christian Community as well).