I'm sorry to report that there is a catch to this whole 'Biblical Community' thing.  As is true in most everything, you are only going to get out of it what you have put into it.  Many people put their faith in Christ yet never allow themselves to truly enter into community with others.  If that has been you then the verses like Galatians 6:1-3 have yet to take on any meaning.

Rather than think about what you haven't done or aren't doing how about looking at it this way? 

I bet that you have atleast a handful of people in your life that love Jesus and love you.  I bet that they are willing to love you know matter what...true freinds.  I bet you have seen them open up to one-another and to you and have often wondered how they do that.  Maybe you have thought 'I could or would never do that'.  Yet, you see them laying burdens down.  These folks are the Biblical Community that God has given to you.  Put yourself out there.  Keep peeling the onion.   

Many will walk through life alone and feel like the Christian life didn't deliver on its promises.  It will deliver at the level that you have given yourself to The Lord and to The Lord's Church - your Biblical Community.  Consider what your next steps are in entering, embracing and enjoying the Community God has given to you.

Have a great Friday, a great weekend and a great time gathering together with other believers.  If you do that with The Way in Casper then I look forward to seeing you. We will spend a good bit of our time in John 17 if you want a head start. :)