John 17 is our devotional text for the day.  Read how Jesus prayed for us.  He had been physically present to lead His followers and now He would be spiritually present through His Word.  It is upon the foundation of the Word that we come to our first statement of faith:

I believe that absolute moral and spiritual truth exist and that it is intended for my life. This is found in the Bible therefore I will adopt a Biblical Worldview thru study and devotion to God and His Word.

This worldview has these foundations:

I believe in the Trinity which is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  God the Father is infinite, all knowing and all powerful. God the Son is Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God.  Jesus was perfectly revealed as a man and did the will of God by taking human sin upon Himself and giving His life as a ransom for that sin by suffering death on the cross and then rising from the dead with power and victory of death, hell and the grave for all mankind who believe on Him and confess Him as Lord.  God the Holy Spirit is that comforter that was promised by Jesus to come after He had ascended.  That Holy Spirit resides in the believer at salvation and works in us and through us to bring about change.  He enlightens and empowers us to serve, worship and share.

We believe that Man is the special creation of God and made in God’s image.  Man was created without sin but did sin by his free choice and caused all generations afterward to live within the curse of sin.  God’s redemptive plan of bringing man out of that curse and back into right relationship with Him is the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Apart from God man can do nothing and has no goodness.

We believe that Salvation is offered freely to all who accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior who obtained eternal redemption for the believer by His own blood.  There is no salvation apart from faith in Jesus Christ.

We believe that God’s grace is displayed in His goodness to us.  With God’s grace we are to endure to the end as accepted and sanctified followers.  Man may fall into sin through spiritual neglect but will never fall away from their salvation if it is truly obtained. 

Is the Bible your foundation for living? 

Does your view for how to live well match up with God's Word?