It is easy to think that we might be the center of our own little world.  It is common to feel that our lives should center on serving self and then investing any 'extra' or 'leftover' energies into some good cause. But when we apply a Biblical Worldview we recognize that our purpose should be more God-centered than Me-centered. When we see things biblically we recognize our role as servants of The Most High God.  Here is our second doctrinal statement:

I serve God Almighty and my life is not my own.  He set me free from sin by salvation in Jesus but I voluntarily act as a slave to His will.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 teaches us that 'Our Life is not our own for we were bought with a price'.  This purchase was by Jesus' blood on the Cross.  We are set free to serve!  Yet, our own desires still exist.  Our own needs still press us and demand to be served.  

What if our happiness, joy and fulfillment is actually wrapped up into serving God, His will and His purposes?  I would tell you that IT IS!

What if all other pursuits of self-fulfillment actually deplete your joy, happiness and fulfillment?  I would tell you that IT DOES! 

What if you and I began a frest start TODAY by adopting a Biblical Worldview that helped us to recognize our lives belong to our Great God.  WE SHOULD! 

What's your first step?