Mark 1:9-11 - The Father's Voice

Jesus has been baptized in water.  He comes up out of the water.  Luke's Account tells us that He is praying.  The heavens open/split/are torn apart...and now the world hears a voice:

And a voice from heaven said,

This is a rare occassion...even for Jesus. This is the voice of Father God. The Father spoke to the Son three times in the Gospels (that I can find): Here, The Transfiguration (Matt 17:3) and as Jesus approached The Cross (John 12:27-30). What is the purpose of this audible voice of God?  The answer is in what The Father is the first part:

You are My dearly loved Son, 

Matthew's Account says 'This is My' where Mark and Luke both say 'You are My'.  The Spirit of God and the Voice of The Father now identified Jesus as Messiah - The Son of all in the area.  

It is always critical that we know 'who we are' in Christ.  It is important that we take the promises of God's Word and apply them to our lives.  We must take scripture and hear it as the voice of The Father saying to us 'This is my dearly loved'.  Did you hear that.  Gd dearly loves you...repeat that a few times and try it on.  He dearly loves you so much that He sent Jesus.  He dearly loves you so much that He made a way for you.  He dearly loves you so much that He promises you a full and abundant life.  

It was also critical that others would know 'who Jesus was'.  The Father identified Jesus' as His Son.  This would be the answer to the question 'could this be the Messiah?'. This would be the affirming 'voice from heaven' that should have left little doubt about who Jesus was.  God's Words don't just apply to us alone.  They apply to each believer.  When God says He dearly loves you He is also applying that love to other followers: your spouse, your children, your co-workers...even those that you may not be particularly fond of.  Remember who you are in Christ and remember who others are in Him too!