Mark 1:9-11 - Joy

Are you a people pleaser?  Do you like to put a smile on someone else's face?  What if you could please God?  What would you do to accomplish that?  

At the end of this week's Bible text we hear God The Father speaking to God The Son (Jesus).  He says: 

and you bring me great joy.” 

Joy is not the same thing as happiness.  Happiness is an emotion...a feeling.  It is temporary. Folks who look only for a 'happy life' find it to be a fleeting pursuit.  There is nothing wrong with being happy but when you make it your chief end in life you have aimed at the wrong target.  

Joy, unlike happiness, is an internal contentment that rests upon our foundation of faith in God.  Joy will not fluctuate if our faith is steady in Christ.  As a matter of fact, it should steadily increase as we learn to put more and more faith in God.  Our Joy today should always be more than it was yesterday.  

Now, how is it that God The Son has brought Joy to God The Father?   

1. He has Glorified God in humility. Remember Jesus' explanation to John The Baptist in Matthew 3.  He explains the need for Baptism by explaining 'we must carry out all that God requires'.  Jesus glorified The Father by humbling Himself to His will.  Our humility can also glorify God and that brings joy to Him. 

2. God The Father's Joy comes from the relationship between Father/Son.  This is also true in us...we are joyful in the relationships we have with our children/parents.  The good news, is that the same joy that The Father had/has in The Son (Jesus) is also had between each of us as God's Children when we recognize and commit to 'who we are' in Jesus.  Wow, you can bring joy to God today!  That is cool! 

When it is all said and done, our obedience to God's Plan brings great joy to God and great joy to us.  Don't settle for temporary happiness or short-lived pleasure.  Pursue a life of Joy found in faith in Jesus!