Celebration Gatherings

In most churches you get together in a big group on Sunday morning and celebrate and then most of the other activities of the church (Sunday School, Small Groups, etc.) are a secondary happening.  At The Way, it will be quite the opposite.  We are not a church that has small groups...we are a church of small groups that we call Way Communities.  That is where the everyday/every week life, growth, service and ministry happens.  

That being said, we will get together in big groups and we believe it is right for a group of believers to do this.   Why?  To Celebrate!  In the Old Testament of the Bible, people would come together for festival several times per year.  It was a BIG deal.  It was a holy time and it was also a time of great celebration.  We will get together regularly in a similar way.  We will worship in song.  We will celebrate what God is doing in our Way Communities.  We will look and see what is next.  We will be inspired by God stories from around our city.  

Since we do not have a physical building we will be doing this in locations that will match our needs based upon size and availability.  Our first Gathering will be towards the end of October or early November.  Stay tuned for more info!

How often will we do this?  The rhythm of ministry will be in weekly Way Communities.  We are unsure how often we will get together for Celebration Gatherings.  It could be less often in the beginning and more often as we grow...or it could be a bit more random.  We trust that God will lead us in these decisions.