Beginnings - 8/25/14

Last night we studied Genesis 1 & 2 in our home.  It was a wonderful time and a great beginning to The Way Community.  

Their are four 'C' words that have become a part of The Way: Community, Compassion, Commission and Celebration.  It was very neat to see the '4 C's' in our text last night.  Take some time today/this week to dig deeper into our text and review.


We see the original Community in the Trinity (God The Father, God The Son, God They Holy Spirit).  See Genesis 1:2 (The Spirit of God hovered), Genesis 1:26 (Let Us make man in Our image and in Our likeness.), John 1:1-5 (Jesus was The Word at Creation).  

We see the perfect Community that Adam had with God as you read the communication that God had with Adam while he lived in and worked in the garden.

We see the created community that God designed Adam and Eve with each-other.


We see God's pro-active Compassion for man as He designed the world perfectly for man to enjoy and steward.  

We see God's Compassion for man as He looked upon Him and says 'It is not good for man to be alone' so He creates a perfect partner for Him. 


Genesis 2:15 shows God giving man the original commissioning.  Even in this perfect creation, God designed us to fulfill an important life task.  


After each day of creation God expressed that His work was 'Good'.  Then, after the creation of man He said it was 'Very Good'.  That sounds like celebrating a job well done!  

When Adam was gifted with His wife Eve he was so excited that he shouted 'At last!'.  Adam knew a good thing when he saw it and he celebrated God's blessing in His life. 

A few questions to apply and pray about:

1. Do I have a Biblical Worldview starting with the Creation Account studied tonight?  
2. Do I appreciate the handiwork of God in my daily life or do I walk along blind to His handiwork?
3. Does my life pattern the ‘Community’ that God designed for me or am I going it alone?  
4. Do I see that Jesus was right in the middle of creation and that His desire is to re-create me?

Over the course of this week we will look into Genesis 3-11 as we prepare for Genesis 12 next Sunday night at 5pm at our home.  Come and bring a friend!