Favor - Genesis 6:8 - 9 - 8/28/14

Created perfect, fell by choice, marred by consequence...man has experienced much within the first few centuries of life on earth.  Sometimes we can learn from our mistakes and grow and other times we seem stuck in a rut.  Man's ruts run very deep in today's reading.  Corruption had multiplied to the point that God's justice required drastic consequences that affected every part of life on earth.  A flood that would cleanse the earth of all that had become status quo.  Every human except Noah and his little family would be wiped off in the great floods destruction.  Noah's family would be saved in the boat he built by faith and obedience in Holy God.  It is still faith and obedience that allows us to live safely in the salvation of God today.  

Read this passage and begin to ask yourselves about the faith required to spend more than one of our lifetimes building something with no evidence of its purpose other than The Word of God.  What is needed today to begin to excercise faith like that in our own lives?

Now, look at Noah and his family once they got off the boat.  All that faith and obedience...all that destruction and protection...and what happens.  How can we build out lives to keep from crashing when we get off the boat?