Familiar - Genesis 10-11 - 8/29/14

Some familiar things can be very good...a familiar song on the radio, a familiar face you haven't seen in a while, the familiar taste of a 5 Guys burger, etc.  Other familiarities do not bring the same joy.  

These two chapters chronicle the generations of Noah.  You see the world populate, gather and fall (once again) into behavior that is unbecoming.  God has established a Covenant with humanity that he would never flood us out (and given the sign of the rainbow as a reminder) yet man is proving that not all community is good community.  They gather to build a symbol of their power at the Tower of Babel. God prevents their ridiculous idea and seperates humanity by language and local.  This is surely the act that begins the many nations of the world...just look at some of the names of Noah's descendants (like Egypt) and you see a list of the early nations of our world.   

God's Covenant promised safety.  What man/family would recognize this blessing and follow this One True God?  Would God speak again to man as He did to Noah?  What had God planned to keep man from this familiar route of sin, separation and selfishness?   

We will soon see that God had these questions all worked out in the family of Shem (one of Noah's sons) over in the land of Ur.  Stay tuned.  It is about to get interesting. 


1. How can we keep the old and familiar sins of our past from finding their former comfortable spots in our life and home? 

2. Can we look back at God's frequent rescue's and let those visions keep us out of the ditches of life instead of 'getting and forgetting'? 

3. Have you seen a rainbow lately?  I saw a double in Denver this week.