The Plan of God requires a People - 8/30/14

To review the week of devotion in Genesis 3-11 we can easily admit that man chooses 'his own way' with frustrating regularity.  In truth, I can see this in my own life.  

The Good News is that God continues to direct us towards His Way with patient love, grace and mercy.  Even as we have finished this section of scripture we can see the hand of God preparing to act.  It is one of those times in scripture when we are quietly asking 'What will God do now?' 

God created the world in perfection and man fell away by choice.  What will God do now?  Answer - God creates coverings for man and places him in a new place to learn how to live. 

Man becomes utterly corrupt on the earth by doing his own thing. What will God do now? Answer - He will put His favor upon a family and start over with them while cleansing the world of sin. 

Noah's family repopulates the earth and becomes proud and sinful. What will God do now? Answer - He will once again choose a family to pour His love and grace.   

Stay tuned this week as we look at this new development in Genesis 12-36. The plan of God requires a people.  That people starts with Abram but it doesn't stop there.  

What has God chosen for you to do in this life? 

How does your family fit into God's plan for this world? 

In your life, it is time for you to ask 'What will God do now?' and pay close attention to see the answer.