Faith - Genesis 12 - 15 - 9/1/14

Happy Labor Day!  

Last night in Way Community we looked at the above Bible texts to see what Faith looked like.  Abram (later named Abraham) was not a perfect man but showed a willingness to 'take the first/next step' when God asked Him to do so.   

God said Go and I will show you, Abram did not question but just got up and left...everything.  Faith grows through sacrifice. 

God was entering into Covenant with Abram.  A Covenant is a blessing given by God to man.  This Covenant was God promising to build a people/nation that would be used by God to do special things.  Abraham would enter into this Covenant by faith in God.  It was all he had to give.  At times, he doubted.  Other times, he got impatient and took matters into his own hands.  Yet God still offered this Covenant to him.  Abraham's faith grew as he learned to trust God more and more.  Those experiences you will read about this week had to have been tough...but it was those tough times that brought about growth and blessing in Abraham's life.  

We often prefer to avoid 'the harder roads' in life.  We look for the path of least resistance and desire to 'have all the facts' before we begin.  Abraham's example shows us that in The Way's of God we can't always expect that to be the best.   

What are the hard roads and tough decisions facing you today?  What is the next step for you to take to put your faith/trust in God for those situations?