Judgment - Genesis 18 and 19 - 9/2/14

What would you do if God visited your home with a couple of His angels?  Well, I think that after I woke up from passing out that I would do my best to be a good host.  Abram does all that he can to show his respect and care for his new guests...one of which seems to be The Lord Himself - the pre-incarnate (before the virgin birth of Mary) Jesus.  

God visits Abram with two important pieces of news: 

1. He would continue to honor His Covenant promise with Abram even though Abram had tried to manufacture his own blessing/family with his wife's servant Hagar.  Even though they had produced the child Ishmael, God was going to bless this elderly couple with the child He had promised them - Isaac.   

2. God's judgment would be poured out upon the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah because of their sinfulness.  This would be a telling sign for you and I.  How does God feel about sin?  The same as He did when He flooded the earth.  The same as He did when He wiped these two cities from existence.  Why?  Sin separates us from Him.  Sin does great harm to us and to all of God's Creation.   

A great benefit of God's Covenant is shown in these two chapters.  When in Covenant relationship with God we can expect to hear His Voice and know His Mind.  Yes, there are human limitations to this but it is true.  Today, for you and me, this hearing and knowledge comes to us through His Word (The Bible) and by His Spirit (The Holy Spirit).  As followers of God's Way in Jesus Christ we can have this...and it is better than any fruit from forbidden trees!   

Patiently listening for God is a lifestyle.  Are you listening?