Promise - Genesis 24-26 - 9/4/14

Isaac, The Child of God's Promise, has grown up.  Abraham is dying and asks a servant to make sure that his son marries a girl from back home that is part of their family.  Rebeckah is that girl.  They marry and become pregnant with twins...twins that fight from within the womb (what is it with boys?). God tells her that they will become two rival nations. This is a bit tricky because God has given this amazing promise to Abraham and now to Isaac...that his family will be so huge and such a blessing...which of these quarreling children will inherit the ongoing promise?  

Esau is the eldest and would be in line for it by birthright but he sells his birthright to his little bro Jacob.  Then, he not only loses that but he is swindled out of his father's blessing.  Jacob lives up to his name (he who supplants) by supplanting Esau from his place.  

What is going on here?  Lack of integrity?  Poor views of rightful places within family.  Could this be a family God would bless for generations and eventually bring to us a Savior - Jesus?  

YES.  God works within the humanity He created.  Our poor performance is certainly sin and it certainly isn't the model...but it is the exact reason we need a Savior.  If these patriarch's of old truly had it all together then so would we.  Instead, their family's seem to look more...well...REAL.  Their families look like our families.   

Does this mean that the God of the universe is just as willing to work within our lives and family?  Yes, I believe it does!   

Does this mean we should be content with making huge mistakes and not growing in faith, grace, mercy and love?  No, I believe it does not.   

Let's grow together today.