The Family Grows - Joseph - 9/6/14

As we end our week of devotion you can read through the remaining Chapters before we enter the life of Joseph & his brothers in Genesis 37. 

What stands out to me is that Jacob illustrates a big teachable moment for us - 'what goes around comes around'.  That is another way to say that there are real consequences for our actions.   

You rob, steal and cheat your will likely have to live in constant fear and shame that he may one day want to get revenge. 

You hoodwink your old and blind best be prepared to be hoodwinked by someone yourself...for Jacob this was his father-in-law who played a good one on him.   

It gets worse, Jacob has a dozen sons that will become the Tribe of Israel (his new name) and they are mostly showing the traits of their father Jacob.  There is a good parenting lesson there.  If we want our children to show the traits of Father God rather than the all-to-human traits we can exhibit then we need to do a few things:

1. Hold them up to their Heavenly Father in Prayer. 

2. Show them the Way to Follow Jesus through Biblical Teaching/Devotion.

3. Show them the Way to Follow Jesus through Biblical Living/Example.

The Christian life is not a life of lying, cheating, stealing, etc.  It is a life of grace, forgiveness, etc.  However, many people can claim to be a Christian but justify sinful actions as the 'means to a good end'.  I tell you this...if the means are not pure then there isn't a good enough 'end' to justify it.  Let us consider how we can 'purify our means' this day and in the days ahead.  Maybe we haven't always been pure in our life 'In The Way' but God's mercies are new every morning (Lamentations 3:23) let's start a new day with a new approach to Following Jesus - The Way!