Big Picture - Genesis 42-44

Can't see the forest for the trees...this is a common problem for us.  However, we are very good at seeing the trees (the smaller parts of the big picture) and emotionally responding.

Joseph is in the most amazing season of his life and his past comes up and taps him on the shoulder.  Those pesky brothers who chose to harm him are now coming to him to beg...except they don't know it is him.  What would you do in this situation?  Yup, Joseph was tempted to do the same thing...revenge, torture, etc., etc. 

People groups are coming from every direction to reap the blessings of Egypt and they each pay dearly (you would too if you were starving).  Joseph can now begin to see why he is in Egypt.  It wasn't punishment for some unknown sin.  It wasn't a random outcome or karma.  God had put Joseph in Egypt to orchestrate His Provision for His People.  The tiny nation of Israel (just Jacob and his small family at this point) is being fed at the hands of the long lost son who had been given up for dead.  The big picture begins to fill in...

Our text today leaves us hanging a bit.  We don't know what Joseph will do.  However, we see that no matter the outcome between Joseph and his brothers, that God has orchestrated something huge that man could not have done.  This is the Way of God.  Rarely do we see it as it is happening and even more rare is for us to understand it ahead of time. Whether we see it or not, our Great God has great plans and we are often a part of them without knowing it.

Take a step back from your day to day life and pray about 'The Big Picture'.  If you will seek to see God's Plan it will change your outlook about today, tomorrow and yes - even yesterday.  Our next devotion will show that to be the case with Joseph.