Consistently In-Consistent - Exodus 15

People are funny...not laugh out loud funny but weird funny.  One minute we can be on cloud 9 and the next you might have to scrape us off the ground with a spoon.  

Exodus 15 documents that funniness.  God has just provided the most amazing rescue for His People.  Plagues, judgments, was an amazing thing! 

How would you respond if you saw God provide for you in this way?  The Israelites stopped, made a song of worship and sang it as a group (led by Miriam).  It is a fabulous tune.  In it they document what God had done and what they had learned about the character and nature of their God.  Most of this is new revelation to them because they had spent so much time in slavery that they hadn't been very close to The Lord.   

So, they started right.  God designed us to worship.  God designed us to be thankful when we are helped.   

Unfortunately, the old adage is also true, God 'gives and forgives', we 'get and forget'.  Within days of singing that song the people are singing a new song...and its tune is much more sour.  They are complaining because they lack water...then food...then the comforts of Egypt.  God continues to provide but it is clear that this people needs to grow in their faith and in their trust of the One True God.  The result, this people spends 40 years in The Wilderness and only their children make it to God's special promise land.   

Do you celebrate God's goodness?  Sure, singing is one great and biblical way to do that but there are others.  Think of a few.  Read Romans 12:1-2 and think about ways to do this... 

Do you complain or whine when you are scared, worried, etc.?  What does this say about your faith in God?   

Have a great week!  Live out your faith in God today.