Help - Exodus 18 & 20

Moses is asked to lead a very large group of very discontent people (more than a million). How would he go about doing first, it was just doing the best he knew how...then he got two forms of help.

The first came in Exodus 18 when his father-in-law Jethro gave him some very practical advice.  Appoint and train leaders to handle groups and teach them how to govern with everyday matters.  Then Moses could lead the leaders and allow the 'big issues' to flow up to him.  This was very good advice.  Notice that Jethro told Moses to do this 'as The Lord approved'.  Good and practical advice isn't best unless it is part of God's plan.  In this case, it was part of God's plan.  

The next came in Exodus 20 when God laid out the Commandments that would be guidelines for living for the entire Covenant Community.  We know these as the 10 commandments.  These had many purposes: 

1. To help us relate to God - Commandments 1-4

2. To help us relate to one-another - Commandments 5-10

3. To help us see our need for God - we would see we were unable to complete all the laws requirements all the time and thus we needed help.  That help would ultimately come in the form of Jesus.   Read Galatians 3 for more insight on this. 

What rules govern and guide your life?  Man's or God's?  Read Jesus words in Matthew 22:34-40 and see how Jesus explained the guiding commandments for anyone who believed in Him.  Love was at the center.  Love for God and Love for Man.  Does love guide you?  We can do the right thing for the wrong reasons at from guilt, shame, recognition.  A Follower of Jesus is filled with God's Love to share that Love in how we deal with life and others.