Rare - 1 Kings 23 & 2 Chronicles 34

In all, Israel & Judah had 42 Kings plus one Queen from 1050BC (when Saul was anointed King) to 586BC (when Jerusalem fell to Babylon).  Of those, you can only find a few stories of good kings (and even they made mistakes).  Read 1 Kings 23 and 2 Chronicles 34 to hear the story of King Josiah.  Crowned at the age of 8, this King led reforms that included cleaning up the temple and finding 'The Book of The Law' (likely Deuteronomy).  He leads the people to once again celebrate 'The Passover' as they had apparently forgotten the amazing rescue God had provided.  Josiah was not perfect but he does give us a few things the chew on:

He was put in a critical position without the experience most would say he needed...yet he performed admirably.  When God promotes you into a role that you feel in-adequate to do just remember this story and ask for His guidance in a similar fashion.

He led others to recognize the importance of following in 'The Ways of God'.  This was not an easy thing and it all started with his personal repentance.  He didn't expect others to do something that he hadn't done.  How often do we expect others to act with grace, forgiveness, love, etc,. when we may not be leading by example?