Dreamer - Genesis 40-41

Now I know that everybody who goes to prison is usually 'innocent'...but Joseph really was!  He was framed!  That doesn't stop him from doing hard time.

He continues to show his integrity by working hard and serving the prison master so well that he rises to be the 'prison manager'.  Joseph had to have some type of positive attitude! Actually, what Joseph had was a growing hope...an expectation of a better outcome...a faith in a bigger plan.  Our memory verse for this week (Genesis 50:20) must have been something that Joseph believed even in prison.  God could use evil for good.  Believe it in Joseph's life...believe it in your own! 

Joseph believes that God also interprets dreams.  Two of the Pharoah's staff are tossed in prison with him and both have dreams they cannot figure out (happens to me at least once per week).  Joseph tells them that 'God can interpret it for them' and then proves it by correctly interpreting one would soon be released back into service (he was) and the other would soon be released for execution (he was).  Much time passes and Pharoah has his own dream that needs clarity and Joseph is called upon to do it.  He does and gets pulled out of the dark and dank prison and given an incredible position in Egypt.  Talk about your rags to riches story.   

Now, a word for us today...we live in an emotional and sensational culture.  We dream of and expect big and new things.  Many people who are spiritual give reports of God speaking to them in special ways.  I believe God does speak.  BUT.  HEAR ME.  God has given a perfect revelation of Himself through His Word - The Bible.  Do not neglect His Word and then expect Him to speak to you in some other way (audibly, through a dream, in a vision, etc.).  His Word is the foundation for your relationship.   

Can God still interpret dreams and does God still speak in direct ways to man.  Yes, ofcourse God can do ANYTHING He wants...but be sure it is Him speaking.  Anything God will ask you to do or speak to you about by His Holy Spirit will line up 100% with His Word.  That is how you test if it is God speaking or some other spirit.