After gathering together for the last 8 months and growing to multiple meetings each week, here is an updated list of Frequently Asked Questions about The Way In Casper:

Doesn’t a church have to have a building?

Nope.  Buildings are nice but they are optional.  The church is made up of people not wood.  The church is called ‘The Body of Christ’ in the Bible and that means that each follower of Jesus comes together to make it up.  Whether they come together in a building, at a restaurant or in a home.  We are doing a bit of all of that.  Currently, we meet in The Casper Rec Center which is a handy building that also allows us to put our resources towards other ministry needs (missions, church planting, etc.).

How is The Way structured?

That is a very involved question.  The simple answer is that we will be under the leadership of Jesus.  Chris Sims serves as the pastor and helps direct us towards biblical living in all we do.  As we grow, more leaders are being trained.  We are basically a church of small groups.  Each time we gather, we break up into groups that discuss the Word and life together.  Those groups are led by servant leaders that are helping fulfill the vision of The Way. 

What will a typical meeting look like?

We are glad you asked.   CLICK HERE to get a walk-thru. 

Where do Way Community Leaders come from?  

They will be homegrown.  They will be followers of Jesus who are spiritually gifted in bringing others together.  They will be committed to The Way and will be trained by the leadership of The Way.  In time, we hope to have other Way Communities that meet all over the city in homes, in restaurants and coffee shops, etc. 

How will we decide what homes to meet in and who is invited to each Way Community?

Well, we won’t.  You will.  We would think it is best for a family to be a part of a Community in its neighborhood.  However, we know that some Communities will reach out to friends and like-minded people that will come together based upon those similarities rather than proximity.  For instance, there might be one community that has its focus on its street while there is another community meeting on the same street that is reaching out to people who play music or work in the oil field, etc.  

What is the ‘end goal’ for The Way?

To impact the world by living in Gospel Community.  That means growing.  That means worshipping.  That means serving.  Hopefully, there is no ‘end goal’ but just a direction as we follow Jesus together.  We hope to equip each person to follow Jesus where they live, work and play.  We hope that as we do that we will grow which will lead to multiplication.  More ministry.  More church plants.  More worship.  

What about babies, kids and youth?

The more the merrier.  The kids of The Way love our kids ministry. We have talented kids leaders that are carefully selected and background checked. We have a safe and clean environment where they can learn at an age-appropriate level as well as enjoy games and crafts. 

Our youth is the fastest growing part of The Way. We have a good number of both high school & junior high students and one of our families (Jason and Kim Long) have begun to lead our Way Youth Community...they call it 'Consumed' based upon Hebrews 12:28-29. 

Do we have to give money in an offering?  

You don’t have to do anything.  However, a key component in Acts 2 is generosity and sharing.  This means more than just financial but it certainly doesn’t mean less.  We do pool our resources together through the weekly offerings to be able to make a impact on our city.  We can also give only online at anytime (and confidentially) by clicking HERE.  Our commitment is to use these resources to plant other churches and serve our city by meeting real needs.  Each month, we will look at at least one way we can partner together to do this.  We have begun with a commitment that 33% of our giving goes into a fund to support missions and church planting, 33% of our giving goes into a fund to support local ministry and 33% of our giving goes into a fund to support the ongoing operations of The Way In Casper. 

Will their be a membership?

Yes.  Membership isn’t required but we believe that a commitment to one another and to following Jesus is best shared by agreeing together on what we believe and how we live.  Membership is attained by going through a new member class with one of our pastors or Way Community leaders.  Membership is for those who have committed to follow Jesus and His Way and have been scripturally baptized. Click Here to find out more about what we believe and what each member is committed to. At this writing (4/14/15) 24 of our 50+ attendees have agreed to our Covenant Membership.