Same old road, Brand new journey.

If I'm not driving I rarely pay good attention to where we are going unless I know that I will someday have to navigate that same path.  I used to travel to large cities (New York, Boston, Chicago, LA) and take a cab or a train to where I was going.  I remember the first time I drove into Manhattan.  I had probably been there 20 times but had never driven.  It was a brand new experience...yet I had traveled the roads many times.  I saw things that I had never noticed.

When Jesus called these fishermen to Come and Follow Him,  had been following Jesus for over a year.  They had traveled with him.  They had seen Him work and heard Him teach.  I bet they were comfortable with following Him along the many familiar roads and towns of Judea and Galilee.  

However, they would now be changed forever.  They were called to become fishers of men.  Yes, they would still follow Jesus as Master.  Yes, they would still travel those same dusty and dirty roads.  Yet every step and every encounter would be changed because these men had been changed.  How so?  Back when Jesus' first met these men He had told them this:

Then He said, “I tell you the truth, you will all see heaven open and the angels of God going up and down on the Son of Man, the one who is the stairway between heaven and earth. ” (‭John‬ ‭1‬:‭51‬ NLT)

Jesus had not changed at all but these men had.  Their eyes would now see differently.  They would see the Kingdom of God in operation.  They would take all the gifts and skills that God had blessed them with and apply those things to this one calling - fishing for people.  It would be a wild ride every step of the way.  No longer would they go back and forth between their occupation (the secular) and their calling (the sacred).  Every encounter would be sacred.  They would walk the same old road but it would be a brand new journey! 

Your life may feel mundane.  You may be going through motions that you memorized many years ago.  Answer Jesus' call on your life and I promise you that you will see 'heaven open'.  You will see that same old road light up and a brand new journey begin.  What are you waiting for?