Communion Presence

By its very title, Communion speaks to the idea of us (mankind) coming together with God through the broken body and shed blood of Jesus.  For a couple of millenia there has been debate over exactly what kind of Communion this is...spiritual, physical, symbolic, etc. 

Argument rarely gets us anywhere and it doesn't seem to have helped good Christian folks from many denominational and non-denominational background on this topic.  

Our very relationship with God through Jesus is given as a spiritual relationship that affects our physical life.  Communion is no different.  Jesus - The Word of God -  dwelt with us (John 1:14).  He redeemed us.  Jesus promised He would be with us by His Spirit (John 14:15-20 & John 16:5-15).   The Spirit that was promised is The Holy Spirit of God.  It is more/greater than the physical presence of Jesus.  He said so. Jesus was physically present in that perfect life so that He could purchase our life in His Holy Spirit.  

As flesh and blood folk, we always try to boil things down to the tactile...we want to touch and feel...we desire that.  It was no different back in the time when Jesus walked the earth.  John 6 brings us to a time where Jesus has just fed 5000 by multiplying (physically) 5 loaves and 2 fish.  The people kept following because they wanted another dose...another physical blessing.  Jesus re-oriented them to the reality that the bread He would give them was spiritual and that they must eat of that Bread of Life (His Body) and drink of that Blood (His Shed Blood on the Cross).  They must no longer seek physical satisfaction in their religion but must be sustained only by and through Him and His great sacrifice.  They tripped up on this truth.  Even many of His closest chose to no longer follow Him.   

His closing statement to them leaves no doubt to the spiritual nature of His communion with them then and our communion with Him now: 

It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life. John‬ ‭6‬:‭63‬

When we become followers of Jesus, it is first and foremost a spiritual reality.  Certainly, our physical bodies follow along...if we get that backwards, we can be mired in religion.  Religion can try and tame the body first and then hope to make spiritual impact.  This is not The Way of Jesus.   

The Spirit gives life to men.  The Spirit brings man into communion with God through and because of Jesus.  That communion sustains you every day if you walk in that Spirit and are led by that Spirit.  Then, and only then, do our physical bodies begin to line up with and experience the blessings of the Born-Again life.  Are you experiencing that life?  Are you content to allow Jesus to fill you Spiritually or are you hanging onto the physical blessings you want/need/crave to get from Him?  Be filled Spiritually and you will learn what you truly need (and don't need) physically.   

Join and commune with God through His Mighty Holy Spirit.  It is more than enough!