A Touch of Compassion

Jesus and His followers had a busy morning at the Synagogue on that Sabbath day.  The next verses in Mark 1 say that:

After Jesus left the synagogue with James and John, they went to Simon and Andrew’s home. Now Simon’s mother-in-law was sick in bed with a high fever. They told Jesus about her right away. So he went to her bedside, took her by the hand, and helped her sit up. Then the fever left her, and she prepared a meal for them. 

Peter's family could have been upset since Jesus had called Him away...but Jesus met their needs as well and this lady was healed with a touch from The Master. Have you ever noticed how many of the Bible's encounters happen within a home.  What a wonderful indicator that we should expect to see God at work in our homes and that we should look for ways to open our homes to others. 

In this instance, Jesus' miraculous touch enabled this woman to resume her normal activities as well as begin a new activity...to serve The Lord!  When God does a work in our lives (physical or otherwise) we can expect to be freed and empowered to serve Him.  Think of it like being released from the hopital after being in there for a few days.  This woman served out of a grateful heart and probably served based upon the gifts and strengths that she had used all of her life until this fever prevented her...

Just as in the demon possessed man, this woman was suffering from one of the many consequences of living in a fallen world.  God does not pour these things upon man.  God redeems us from the curse of sin (now) and frees us from the consequence of sin (forever) by the blood of His Son Jesus.  Often, the brokenness of this world causes people to doubt the presence of God.  We say things like, 'How could a good God let this happen?'  That is a genuine question but it is genuinely wrong and shows a worldview that is un-biblical.  If you will allow a foundation to be built upon God's Word you will see that He did not cause sin not did He cause suffering.  Those are consequences for actions that man has taken as we have chosen our own way instead of 'His Way'.  

Even though the world is a mess, we still have a story like our text today.  Right in the midst of the mess, Jesus reaches out and touches this woman.  He is full of compassion for her.  He cares deeply for her.  This is a great picture of how He cares for you and I!  Be encouraged by this today.  Jesus responds to our brokenness with His Mighty Power and His Mighty Love.  Do you need Him to respond in your life today?  Ask Him. My prayer is that He will.