They Way to success...

We live in a manmade society driven towards our own success and our own goals. The shelves in the bookstore is full with self-help books, “Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity”, Good To Great”, “Think and Grow Rich” and may more. Every year there is a new diet program that will help you reach your goals since the last one failed. We jump on these things to try to get to a life of success and reaching our earthly goals. We want to be our own success story. The Bible says that life here on earth is yet but a vapor. There is a bigger goal to set our minds on something greater that we can look forward to. 

There is a proven way to success this is not a new way and have never failed it is victorious every time. When you follow this plan it will not only help you reach your goal it will blow your mind on where it will take you. 

We see this in today’s text (Jesus says) …… Cast your nets on the right side of the boat and you will find some…….. John 21: 6

You can read the full text here The disciples went out on their own strength and not only that but against the plan Jesus had for them. The end result was no fish in the boat = Failure! Then Jesus suggest to them to try His way and repeats what he did in Luke 5:4-6 the nets were so full they could hardly get it in = Overwhelming Success!! 

Who are you relying on today? What plan are you following? 

I suggest go with the proven way and try Jesus today He is the proven way! Open the best book to success The Bible!  

This word from the Word is brought to you by Johannes Slabbert who serves on staff at WindCity Church.