Gone Fishing ….. Checked out!


Back in the old days we seen this sign used many times like on the show Andy Griffin. The problem with that was that was that people would come and look for the Sheriff to attend to town matters only to find that he have checked out. Or they would go to the Barbershop to get a nice haircut from Floyd only to arrive at a closed door with a gone fishing sign. 

You see in both the instances the individuals have checked out of service saying to the one in need I am not open for business return later. 

We do this in life we check out of service for Christ. This is caused by various different aspects. We might be just plain tired and need a break or maybe we are going through a hard time ourselves whatever your reason might be. We see in today’s text that Peter and the disciples did just that they checked out. Simon Peter said to them, “I am going fishing.” They said to him, “We will go with you.” John21:3 You can read the full text here There was a great work to be done but they have hanged up the gone fishing sign. 

God have called us all too different tasks in life and we all have different talents that He has blessed us with so we can bless others. He will send people on your path that are hurting in need of encouragement, some that is lost and don’t know where to turn or people that are ready to check out on life. There is a great work to be done and Jesus wants to use you to bring hope to the hurting be and encouragement to the hopeless but are you on duty or do you have the “GONE FISHING” sign up?

Today are you going to let those divine appointments pass on by or are you going to turn that sign around and be open for business and make a difference where you are at? 

By the way Jesus never checks out on you he is always open for “business”!