Come and dine!!


I remember as a kid we would work long hours on the farm, somedays I would be out from dusk to dawn on horseback looking over our lambing ewes or just checking on our livestock. We had a large 18,532 Acre farm that kept us busy. On days like this all I took with me was an apple and a water bottle. As you can imagine by the time I got home I was ready to eat a whole cow. I had that emptiness in my stomach that almost drives you to get sick unless you fill it with something. I would walk through the door in the house where mom have prepared a delicious meal for me, she met me and said these words “come sit down and eat you must be starving”. Boy I sure was and man food never tasted that good!! The food filled that void in my stomach and all was good again.  

We see in today’s text that Jesus told the disciples ….Jesus said to them, “Come and have breakfast … John21:12  you can get the full text here

This was after they been out all night fishing without a single catch till Jesus came on the scene. I bet that invitation sounded great to them. Jesus was not there to take care of their physical body He was there to take care of another void that they had in their life a void that cannot be filled with anything else but Him. Like we read in yesterday’s text the disciples check out of duty their spirit was troubled. Jesus came to take care of their Spiritual void He came to feed them with “living bread” . 

We go through life the same way we walk around with a void an emptiness inside that we try to fill with all kinds of things because it is something that we starve for, something that no matter what we try we can’t fill. Are you walking around with that void inside of you that makes you sick? I got good news Jesus says come and dine let me fill you! Jesus says in John 6:53 He is the living bread!! 

Are you starving today? Do you have a void that need filled? Call to Jesus He wants to fill you! He is waiting on you to sit at His table! Cry to Jesus and live!

Do you know Him today?