Look Closer

You know, there are some things you can’t be certain of when looking from a distance.  From a distance, you wouldn’t be able to tell if that was antlers or just brush on the top of that deer’s head.  From a distance, you wouldn’t be able to be certain which of my twin daughters you are looking at.  Sometimes, you have to get closer to a person to know for sure what/who you are looking at…

The same goes for deciding about a person’s motives and heart.  In this week’s Bible text (http://www.esvbible.org/Mark%209%3A38-41/) Jesus gives a profound truth when He states that 'For the one who is not against us is for us.' Mark 9:40 

You can’t determine from a distance, with any accuracy, whether a person is for Jesus or against Him.  Yet, sometimes we try to make judgments without being close enough to truly know.  Why?  It takes more energy to get close to someone.  It requires work to look under the surface.  

Challenge for the day: look closer before you speak of something ‘you think’.