Answering Hard Questions Brings Assurance!

God grants assurance for our souls by answering difficult questions through His Word. Four Questions you hear in the background of our bible text this week ( are:

1. Then who can be saved? - This was a question of desperation and of mis-understanding.  Jesus gives a powerful assurance by allowing the disciples (and us) to see that although we cannot bring salvation through ‘anything’ we can do, we can gain assurance of salvation through everything that God would do through Jesus! 

2. Then what will we have? - This question was a question that was a ‘is it worth it’ type of question.  If we give up everything are we going to be ok?  Jesus assured the disciples that they would gain 100 times the value of anything they ‘gave up for Him’ as well as gain eternal life for their souls.  It reminds us of Mark 8:35 - ‘For whoever would save his life will lose it but whoever loses his life for my sake and the gospel’s will save it.  

3. Do you see me? - this question isn’t spoken but implied in the above question.  Jesus assures that God sees everything.  We do not struggle in darkness where things are hidden from Him.  Notice the list of things He mentions that we might give up - house, brothers, sisters, mother, father, lands…God is paying attention to you and your life.  Rest assured that He sees you!

4. Am I Yours? - this question is also implied throughout the text.  If that man can’t be saved then what about me?…am I enough…am I yours or not?  Jesus brings my favorite assurance as He refers to His disciples as Children.  Children of God!  They have been adopted into the family and they have found salvation in Jesus Christ as they have come and followed Him.  This is the only way to be ‘His’ and we can all be His Children by calling out to Him for forgiveness of sin and salvation.  

On this Friday, I pray that each of you can ‘rest assured’ in who you are ‘In Christ’? If not, it would be my privilege to share with you how you can do that…just pop me a note!