There is Something about Him!

Our Wednesday Devotion is written by Johannes Slabbert - enjoy!

Have you ever been around somebody that when you enter a room or walk by them they leave you saying there is just something about him/her? They have this presence that you can’t help but notice. In today’s text we read about that.

[8] And many spread their cloaks on the road, and others spread leafy branches that they had cut from the fields. [9] And those who went before and those who followed were shouting, “Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! (Mark 11:8-9 ESV)

This does not say Jesus sent messengers to prepare the crowd nor does it say He shouted from a loudspeaker or had a public event set up. All this text tells you is that He rode in on a Donkey. Just the presence of Jesus drove the people to action. The crowd shouted and praised him as King without Jesus saying a word. Just His presence was enough for them to know who He is!

When you enter a room, or are around people, what does your body language says about you?  Does the look on your face say something way different than what you would like it to communicate? People are watching you when you don’t even know it. Your actions and body language precedes you!

Do people see Jesus in you today? What do you think people say when you enter in a room? Do you leave them with wanting to know more of why you are different or do you leave them asking each other 'where in the world did they come from'? What you do and how you do it says a lot about you.

I challenge you today to live a life that can be an example and let your actions speak for you! You can point people to Jesus without saying a word!