Are you willing to change?

In this week of questions we now end with a doosy...Are we willing to change and be changed by the Power of God?  This is a question that must be answered.  After the questions that were posed to Jesus in Mark 2:18-22, He sums up the feelings of a good many people by saying this:

But no one who drinks the old wine seems to want the new wine. 'The old is just fine,' they say.  (This is in the same account but in the Gospel of Luke 5:39)

Basically, Jesus is using an illustration to explain that He has brought a brand new Kingdom into being with His life.  That Kingdom fulfilled and interpreted all of the old ways and old Kingdom.  However, there were many people that didn't want anything new.  They were perfectly content with their old ways.  Jesus offered abundant life and they were happy with what they had...

Change is only exciting to the person whose idea it was to change...we have to admit that.  Yet, that does not mean that change cannot be a good thing.  God offers to change us from the inside out but we must be willing to be changed by His mighty power.  

He is willing to make all of our wrongs right if we are changed by Him!

He is willing to accept us...differences and all...if we are willing to be changed by Him! 

He is ready to pour abundant and joyful life on us...if we are willing to be changed by Him!

Many people look at the cost of changing and feel it is too high.  Many others look at the cost of remaining the same and decide that no matter how uncomfortable it is that it is time to change...even be changed by God.  

The change I refer to is a full transformation.  It is dying to our old way of life and living as a new Creation by believing in Jesus Christ and all He has done and then accepting His Lordship of your life.  Are you willing to be changed by God?

This next week we see Jesus again challenge a group of folks to consider a change in their ways.  Change seems to be one of the constants in the life of faith.