When good intentions bring bad results

Tuesday - 

Today’s Bible text has some similarities to what we looked at yesterday in Mark 3:20-21.  Take a look:

Mark 3: 31 Then Jesus' mother and brothers came to see him. They (couldn’t get to Him because of the crowd and) stood outside and sent word for him to come out and talk with them.32 There was a crowd sitting around Jesus, and someone said, "Your mother and your brothers* are outside asking for you.”

Jesus’ family come again to rescue Jesus from Himself (seems crazy to consider this now).  They stand outside this packed home and ask for Jesus to come to them.  They cared enough to make the trip to see Him.  They cared enough not to barge in and make a huge scene.  They had ‘good intentions’. However, good intentions can bring bad results when they de-rail you from ‘God’s intentions’. 

It isn’t only ‘bad things’ that can distract you from following ‘The Way of Jesus’. The power of persuasion from loved ones…while well meaning…may hinder your faith if you let it.

If Jesus had decided to go with Mary and His brothers, and no longer go about the tiring work of ‘seeking and saving those who are lost’, where would we be today?  We would be lost and without hope all because of good intentions.  

This isn’t only true for this story but it is true for your life and mine and it works both ways.

If you let good intentions pull you away from God’s intentions then you are taking a journey off of the map God has given you for your life.  You will still end up somewhere but it could be the wilderness.  

If you persuade others to jump off the map God has for them by persuading them with your own ‘good intentions’ then you have accomplished the impressive task of going against God’s intentions for their life.  Even when your emotions and/or your logic tell you to convince someone to do or not to do something…please put in another primary evaluator before you speak…that evaluator is ‘Could God be leading them to do this even though I don’t agree with it?’. 

The religious leaders had spent much negative energy trying to persuade Jesus to give up on His mission.  The family is spending much positive energy trying to persuade Jesus of the same thing.  No matter the intention, let’s make sure that we face this fact in circumstances like this: ‘We may not know what is best for someone else considering that we usually have a hard enough time deciphering what is best for ourselves.’