Family Inclusion

There they are…packed in a room waiting to see what Jesus will do?  Maybe He will leave them?  

Jesus breaks the silence by asking a question: 

Mark 3: 33 Jesus replied, "Who is my mother? Who are my brothers?

Jesus was known for asking difficult questions.  At face value, the answer to this one was very easy.  Clearly, Jesus’ Mother and brothers are right outside.  I bet somebody even pointed to them. 

Yet, Jesus didn’t want them to answer with the obvious.  Jesus wanted them to reconsider what made the bonds of family.  In that culture and that time, blood family was valued higher than just about anything.  It still is valued high.  It should be.  But rather than minimizing the importance of blood family relations, Jesus maximized the importance of another type of relationship:

Mark 3: 34 Then he (pointed to His disciples) looked at those around him and said, "Look, these are my mother and brothers.

Jesus looked around the room at the people. He saw imperfection (because He could see with the very eyes of God).  He saw great need.  He delivered one of His most compassionate truth’s in all of Scripture.  

He pointed to those that were following Him and told them that they were His family.  He pointed to Peter (who would later deny Him) and said you are my brother.  He pointed to Thomas (who would struggle with doubt) and said you are my brother.  He included a much larger group in His family than was natural.  It was supernatural! In doing this, He showed us a new blessing! 

God gives us a gift of ‘physical blood family’ but He also blesses us with ‘Spiritual Blood Family’ when we are saved by Jesus’ blood shed for us!