You are not alone

You are (OR CAN BE) a part of the largest family in the world: The Family of God!  That is the second big thing that stands out in this text:

Mark 3: 34 Then he (pointed to His disciples) looked at those around him and said, "Look, these are my mother and brothers.

Jesus looked around at these people who had left everything and everyone to follow Him as He went forward in His mission to redeem man.  He chose them to be His family just as He chose you!

Do you ever feel all alone in this world?  This is common, especially if we are separated from family (for whatever reason).  It is not unusual for some to feel lonely even if they are in a crowded room (as these folks were). Jesus points to the lonely and alone and calls you His family.  What a cure for loneliness! 

How does a person find inclusion into God’s family and get the ultimate cure for loneliness?  That will be our last installment in Mark Chapter 3 on Friday (tomorrow).