How Can I Be a part of God's Family?

After Jesus has given to remarkable statement where He includes His followers in His family (see Mark 3:31-34), the natural question is, “ Can I be a part of God’s family too?”

The answer is a big YES.  Yes, you can be included in the family of God.  Yes, you can also enjoy the security of never being alone.  Yes, God’s desire is that you would be within His family.  If you are asking ‘How?’ then let’s read our final text this week:

35 Anyone who (hears and) does God’s will (the will of My Father in Heaven) is my brother and sister and mother."

Everyone in that packed room was able to hear Jesus that day.  They heard Him teach.  Hearing alone does not accomplish much.  I have heard many things that I have chosen not to believe or that I have chosen not to take action upon…

Hearing God and His Word is absolutely needed.  How do we show that we have heard God?  By doing what He has said to do.  By living as He says to live.  By taking action upon the hearing.  

We hear His teaching.  We do His Will.  We enter His Family.  This is not a formula.  

How do we enter into God’s Family? By hearing the Good News (and believing it) and then by following the Way of Jesus. Have you?