Are you a 'hidden from sight' person?

Do you like to do things behind the scenes?  Maybe you are quiet and don’t like to be noticed.  Certainly, it can be a good thing when a person doesn’t want to be the ‘center of attention’ but God’s Word has something to say about how He does want to use your life to shine upon others:

Mark 4: 21 Then Jesus asked them, "Would anyone light a lamp and then put it under a basket or under a bed? Of course not! A lamp is placed on a stand, where its light will shine (and be seen by all who enter the house).

Whether you are a quiet person or the most outgoing in any room…this teaching is for you.  We are to allow God to shine through our living.  Jesus said that He was the Light of The World (John 8:12) and then He told His followers that they were the Light of The World (Matthew 5:14).  A follower of Jesus will shine His Light.  We are not to hide it.  It is the part of us that is truly good and truly should be seen by others.  

When God gives a command, then that command becomes part of our purpose.  We often seek to discern our purpose but we walk right by the obvious ones…thinking there must be more.  The Light of God that fills your soul at salvation is a blessing to you and is meant to be a blessing to others through you.  It is the good stuff.  Don’t Hide The Good Stuff - Fulfill Your Purpose today!

Jesus instructs us not to put His Light under a basket or a bed.  Those ‘hiding agents’ represent the things in our life that can be reasons/excuses/tools to help us hide what God has commanded not be hidden.  Here are a few baskets that are commonly used:

Complacency - a dangerous case of the ‘I don’t feel like it’s’ can cause you to hide the light of God. 

Resentment - wishing your light was brighter or dimmer compared to others can build up a root of bitterness and cause you to run from your purpose. 

Stubbornness - simply denying what is best and settling for your own plan can cover up your light. 

Disobedience - seeking to extinguish your light because you want to remain hidden. 

What reasons hinder you from ‘shining’ today?  I’m praying that you ‘don’t hide the good stuff’ anymore!