What Seeds Grow In Us?

Jesus taught that growth is often happening underneath the ground in a mysterious way (Mark 4:26-29).  He was talking about the growth of His Kingdom on this earth…but He also taught that His Kingdom was within us (Luke 17:21).  What things should be growing like this within us?  What things may start small like the Mustard Seed (in this week’s text - Mark 4:30-32) but should grow large over time like the Mustard Bush? 

1. Our Faith in God through Jesus should grow like this.  Read Luke 17:5-6 & Matthew 17:20 to see how Jesus also uses the tiny Mustard Seed as an illustration for the power of even a small faith.   

2. Our Knowledge & Wisdom of God and His Kingdom should grow like this. Read Proverbs 3 & 4 to see the power of Wisdom.  Many people gain knowledge in many things…some useful and some not so much.  If we seek out Biblical Knowledge and Wisdom then we will have true treasure.  More on this when we look at Verse 32 tomorrow...

3. To Grow in Humility and to diminish in Pride is a top quality for a follower of Jesus. For humility’s ‘seeds’ to grow then another seed must die…the seeds of pride. Pride and humility do not mix. Proverbs 29:23 is a good verse to meditate on with this one.  Another would be to look at how Jesus humbled Himself in Philippians 2:1-11. 

4. Servant Leadership is the quality of leading with humility and compassion.  It was perfectly exemplified by Jesus. Read Mark 10: 43-45 to get the picture of being a servant leader.  It is very counter-cultural to what we learn in the business world in most contexts.  

Are these seeds growing in you?  Maybe they are very small at this time.  Are you allowing them to grow and even nurturing them through the disciplines of prayer and the study of God’s Word?  I wouldn’t spend too much time measuring the growth but instead invest energy in the disciplines that will ensure that one day each of these is healthy and productive!