What happens at 3:16pm on Sunday at The Link?

Good question.  We all like to have an idea of what we are walking in to...this post will help you know what a typical Sunday with Wind City Church looks like.

First, we meet at 3:16pm.  We know that is a bit different than many church gathering times.  But, look at the positives...you can sleep in...you can spend a morning with the family...if you took a weekend hunting trip you can still make it back, etc.  We meet at the The Link  at 353 W. A Street (in downtown Casper, Wyoming).  There is plenty of parking out in front and great guest parking right next to the building. 

Just come right inside ...we are a 'Come As You Are' group of folks so don't worry about dress code and other such things...

Our greeters will show you into our worship area...where you will find fresh coffee, tea, juice and water...and some smiling faces. 

If you have children 3 and under our greeters can also show you to our Nursery that is staffed by wonderful volunteers that are part of our church family and have gone through background checks (you are more than welcome to keep your child with you if that makes you more comfortable). 

We begin with prayer and then a time of music where you can listen or join in with a mixture of music (both new and old).  The kids will have a special teaching time up at the front and then can go to Kids Church (ages 4-10) where they will have fun, do crafts and have an age appropriate Bible Lesson that will match the basic teaching for you so you can discuss it during the week. 


While the kids are having a blast at Kids Church, youth and adults will dig into The Bible for a practical teaching from God's Word for us!  We like to go through books of the Bible verse by verse (we are currently in The Gospel of Mark).  


That's when things get exciting!  We believe that people learn and grow best when they are in circles - not rows.  So, after the big group teaching time we break up into smaller groups to dig deeper into The Word.  This is also where we enjoy a prayer time, fellowship time, get-to-know-each other time...and much more.  There are several Adult groups, one Young Adult group and one Youth group at this time (and growing quickly) so there is a place for you!

Maybe this answers your questions or maybe it causes you to ask others.  Feel free to contact us anytime (using the below form) and we look forward to seeing you at 3:16pm. 

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