Storm Proof

If I were to tell you that you would never have to experience a storm in life would you believe me?  What would you think if a storm came up after I said that?  Likewise, if I told you that all will be well with you and you will never have to endure a trial or a struggle, would you believe that?  

Mark 4:37 But soon a fierce storm came up. High waves were breaking into the boat, and it began to fill with water.

Growing up around the Sea of Galilee, these men were accustomed to storms.  That didn’t make enduring them any easier.  Growing up in Arkansas, I was accustomed to storms as well. If you were to tell a guy from Arkansas that he would never have to endure another storm you would surely be laughed at.  If you were to tell a lady from Wyoming she would never have to endure another blizzard you would be ridiculed.  

Rather than deny the storm and expect to live a ‘storm free’ life, what if you instead accepted that storms come and go and decided instead to try ‘storm proof’ our lives?  In Arkansas that would mean to dig a storm shelter that would protect you from tornadoes.  In Wyoming, that would mean to fill your car with emergency essentials and dress in layers. It could also mean clearing out your garage to pull your car into it.  

Scripture gives us many examples for ‘storm proofing’ our spiritual life.  The disciples had done this as well.  They had Jesus in the boat (verse 36).  They called on Jesus when they realized their peril without Him (verse 38).  They came to an understanding of who Jesus is (verse 41).  

We all wish for less storms…less trials…less struggle.  That is a perfectly human thing to do.  However, if we take some of that energy (or all of it) and prepare to endure the storm/trial/struggle we will find ourselves much safer.  For now, read the 46th Psalm.  Tomorrow we will look at how it ties to our week’s Bible text.