Baby Steps

Before I was ever sensing that I should serve God as a Pastor I sensed I should volunteer at Vacation Bible School.  Before, I became a Church Planter and moved to Casper I took a week-long trip to Florida to pack up food for people in Haiti after a natural disaster.  If you read up on folks like Abraham (Genesis 12-25), before they were ‘heroes of the faith’ they were taking their first baby steps.  Isn’t that usually how things get started.  

Jesus sent His disciples out in Mark 6:7-13.  They went village to village doing what Jesus told them to do and had modeled.  In Mark 6:30-32 we hear the story of the team’s return.  They came back to Jesus and told Him all about their first baby steps of serving Him.  This baby step was a perfect example for us.  It was a short-term mission trip!  Before these men were ever sent out permanently (Matthew 28:18-20, Acts 1:8, John 20:21), they went out in this way.  

How do you find out the ‘Big Things' God wants you to do in this life?  You take small baby steps towards where you sense you can serve.  Why small baby steps?  Because when we first learn how to serve The Lord, our faith is very child-like and must grow.  We take baby steps because those are the biggest steps our young legs can muster.  

Could The God of The Universe be calling you to serve Him?  Take a baby step.  Could that opportunity you keep hearing about be for you to step into?  Take a baby step.  Could that baby step lead you to larger ways of serving God with your life?  Yes.  Yes it could.